Welcome To The Sudan Evangelical Mission (SEM)

We are Christian, National Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) established in 1998


Responding to the increased suffering of the marginalized and disadvantaged people among the communities of Mundri West, Mundri East, Mvolo and Maridi Counties in Amadi and Maridi states state and Wau and River Jur counties in South Sudan.


The organization is registered as a Non – Governmental Organization (NGO) with Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) at the national level. Since its establishment, SEM has implemented projects with a variety of partners. SEM has board of directors; however, the day-to-day activities are carried out by the director and his/her officers.


“A dignified and egalitarian society that nurtures justice for all”.


SEM is a Christian and non-profit making organization that exists to work among the vulnerable, least served and the needy communities in South Sudan, to bring about a sustainable change in their lives, through appropriate responses to the disability inclusion, Adult illiteracy, Food Security and Livelihood and Emergency Relief Response.



SEM strives to provide high quality products and services that address the felt needs of the vulnerable members of the community.

Team Work

SEM upholds the tenets of teamwork where the focus is on synergy and complementarily of individual efforts are geared towards the larger picture and the overall result of the organization. Sharing of ideas and resources is at the core of this value.

Partnership and Networking

SEM strives to forge networking and partnerships with likeminded organizations in order that it gains synergy and support in form of technical and financial resources that helps us expand our programme and deepen the quality of our products and services.


SEM proactively works towards institutional and programme sustainability by ensuring a vibrant vision and mission, effective and relevant products and services, an appropriate human resources management and building of financial reserves. At community level, the organization is building sustainability of its programmes through community capacity building and empowerment.

Integrity and Equality

The organization believes in mainstreaming of gender equity and persons with disability into societal positions and decision making mechanisms.

Accountability and Transparency

SEM strives to design and implement programmes that are relevant and address the needs of the target communities as a measure of accountability over and above engaging in overt procurement and financial accounting operations that are open to the public.

Respect for Human Rights and Dignity

SEM believes in an egalitarian society where the rights and dignity of the vulnerable persons are respected and realized. The society has to embrace Rights Based Approaches (RBA) to development in order that these rights are respected.


SEM maintains a high level of professionalism in the implementation of its core programme and its administrative operations through employment of skilled staff and ensuring that they observance ethical behaviour and practices.


SEM meticulously works towards development and maintaining of trust between itself and the community and other partners.

Our Priority programmes

Disability Programme/Protection…

Community-Based Rehabilitation(CBR) – which is focused on prevention, raising awareness, and advocacy, provision of assistive devices, provision of supportive services, economic empowerment of persons with disabilities/Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), referrals to specialized partners and capacity building of Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs).
Inclusive education- Awareness raising, identification of cases, screening and assessment of children with disabilities, school adaptation, support to children with disabilities in existing primary schools and teacher training. The programme also supports children with cases of epilepsy and nodding disease.
Gender–based Violence (GBV)- Raising awareness and access to GBV services in the community.
PSS– Provision of integrated psychosocial support to conflict affected vulnerable groups, children.
Eye health services- provision of services at the static eye clinic and outreach activities, including distribution of Mectizan because of Onchocerciasis

Education: – Alternative Education Systems (ALP)-

Functional Adult Literacy (FAL)
Alternative learning programme (ALP)
Peace building & Reconciliation
Income Generating Activities (IGA)
Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLA).
Vocational education and training (VET)

Food Security and Livelihood

– Trainings- extension workers/small scale agriculture
– Support to farmer’s associations
– Establishing village savings associations (VSLA)
– Provision of farming & fishing inputs (tools, seeds, equipment)
– Promoting income generating activities (IGAs)
– Facilitating access to markets
– Emergency livestock response
– Cash transfer programme (voucher, unconditional and conditional)

Emergency Relief Response

– General food distribution
– Shelter (NFI)
– In-kind donations
– Nutritional supplements
– Capacity building to local authorities and communities
– Cash transfer programme

The Specific Objectives

To strengthen the capacity of SEM for creating innovative products and services, result measurement (M&E) and embracing of IT as a way of boosting its competence to respond to the issues emerging from the ever-changing environment.

To reduce illiteracy amongst adults through imparting of reading and writing skills, vocational training and construction of 5 permanent classrooms and 2 satellite offices.

To promote the rehabilitation and inclusion of PWDs in the society, including support for activities that prevent avoidable blindness, eye sight restoration and empowerment of the visually impaired.

To advocate and lobby for policies and legislation that promotes respect for and claiming of the human rights of the vulnerable in society.



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